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Meet Fora Events, an events management company based in the UK with the experience and expertise to create events all around the world. We use our knowledge and talent at designing corporate events to help startups and small businesses build a dedicated community through their events. 

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“One of the unique personalities who merged events industry and corporate management experience and created a hybrid and cross-functional expertise.”

Fora Events is a UK-based events management company founded by Ece Kurtaraner. Find out more about her on her personal website here

Ece has seven years of global corporate experience, with four years directly in the event industry. She has worked with companies both large and small, across a range of industries, and with clients from all over the world. 

Her combination of polished social skills, educational background in engineering, and plentiful experience results in powerful events designed to create meaningful connections and build dynamic communities. 

Some of her past projects include:

  • Lohika (part of Capgemini): Created partnered community events for a Silicon Valley-based tech company
  • Othership: Community and event management for a membership-based tech-startup
  • ORBIT’20: Organised a three-day online conference for Othership
  • Media 10: Hosted Buyer Project Coordination for UKCW and 100% Optical
  • GlobalMark: Planned and executed trade delegations and B2B meeting events across over ten countries

“Hats off to Ece, who is doing a great job organising and promoting the monthly gatherings and workshops as well as keeping our community engaged.

“She is very creative and practical, and can think on her feet. She is very passionate about delivering a great experience to the attendees, which all Craftiers (as we call ourselves!) are grateful for.” – London Craftiers Community

“I have attended the B2B Matchmaking event that Ece coordinated, another successful project with proven results under the favour of her excellent project management, communication skills, and organizing events in a timely manner.

“She has always demonstrated a keen, proactive approach to her diligence work, taking care at any time, finishing after getting a result. She is well respected by her colleagues as well as top-level management of the companies; her experience with managing projects with high state government officials, tradespeople and large corporations made her a trusted expert in the event and project management field.” 

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